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Subscribe to our content-packed, authentic, authoritative, informative and entertaining print mag. It’s vastly different than our website, with much more in-depth content on riders, tech, reviews, and behind-the-scenes look at races. It’s only quarterly currently, but offers three times the content of other magazines. You can do the math, but we think at the end of four issues, you’ve gotten more content than the standard 10 issue cycling mag!

For less than just one race entry fee, you can get months of ‘cross bliss, without the suffering. We have a few options: A standard 4-issue subscription for $22(17% off the cover price, but the challenge will be finding it), and a supporter’s 4-issue subscription, which at $25 helps us get grow and produce more issues. There’s even a benefactor’s option (which merely helps us ramp up faster and makes you feel good), an option for Canucks, and an international option (surprisingly, we have a good European following).