About Us

Good and bad news update: After a few stumbles, this February we finally found a qualified cyclocross enthusiast to reinvigorate our content. He's excited to bring more frequent cyclocross and gravel content to readers.

The downside is our focus will be completely digital, through both web and premium content, and we, like many media companies these days, will have to be reader-supported to keep it all going.

Heart set on print? We don't blame you! We still crave the feeling of turning off screens and kicking back with paper in hand. But the economics aren't there unless we're going to charge $30 an issue. So we'll focus our energies on digital.

Want a refund rather than support our content efforts? Not a problem! Please request one here, specify check or Paypal and include your essential info (Paypal address or mailing address and order #).

Our part-time bookkeeper will take care of it!