"Permanent" Artisan Cyclocross Cards by Garage 54


Sold Out

Garage 54's Permanent Cards are a greeting style card meant to be given for special and memorable occasions. Cyclocross Magazine commissioned an exclusive, very limited production run of a cyclocross-themed card. 

The cards are made from 14 gauge steel sheet and measure six inches by eight inches tall. The two halfs are held together by reclaimed hinges and new solid brass hardware. Different items, tools, gears and what-not are welded or cold-fastened to the face of the cards. Every card is unique and numbered, but the cyclocross cards will be similar to the card pictured here.

The inside of the card is blank and each card ships with an oil based paint pen so you can fill it out and add a permanent message to the lucky recipient! Once read they will not crumple it up and throw it away, it is now a piece of art that can come to rest on a mantle, desk, book shelf or bar!

Give Permanent Cyclocross Cards for the holidays or for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just because you know someone will appreciate this unique piece of art. 

Price includes shipping, USA only. Items will ship in about a week, well before Christmas. 

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