Issue 10


Issue 10 looks ahead to the 2010 season with flair - our grassroots magazine keeps all the 'cross grit, but brings in some glamor with our first full-color issue! Sports psychologists talk about how to use your mind to overcome your body-matter, USA Cycling uses a time trial for the Nationals' start order, coach Chris Mayhew talks race tactics based on a rider's individual strengths, and some of the best roadies-turned-cyclocrossers out there - including Meredith Miller, Chris Jones, Laura van Gilder and Davide Frattini - look at how to harness the roadie power and put it to work on a 'cross course. Get to know Jake Wells and Kaitlin Antonneau, learn about racers who commute to events (and how they do it) and get some pointers from top cyclocross photographers so you can glorify your exploits. We also check out Monstercross, review the Vassago Fisticuff and Cinelli Zydeco bikes, go single-ringing, look at new tire options and more!

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