Issue 13


Issue 13, which mailed in July, 2011, brings a New England flavor to our summer edition with a feature on the Jericho, Vermont, standouts Amy Dombroski, Jamey Driscoll and Lea Davison; a profile of Tom Stevens, the "Christo of American Cyclocross"; and a report on a spring camp for Juniors in Northmapton, Massachusetts. We put a 16-year-old on the cover with some bold words: Could Logan Owen in fact be "The Next Nys?" Other features include a look at Czech champ Katerina Nash and her "Murder Yourself Mentality," an analysis of the growth of the sport and an in-depth look at the history of 'cross tires. On the tech side, CXM Labs gets in the mud to see if deep-section wheels provide any advantage, pro wrench Daimo Shanks reveals how to keep your various bearings in working order, and we give a primer on tire pressure in our Newbie Nook. Reviews include the Ridley X-Fire, Airborne Delta, Viner Perfecta Cross and Nine-Gs wheels, and Christine Vardaros and Erik Tonkin check in with columns.

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