Issue 14


Issue 14 is the "Euro Invasion," profiling Euros making their way to the US for racing. We also profile Niki Dallaire's "Irrepressible Spirit" after she bounces back from a life-threatening injury and Linda Sone, who balances a challenging job as a firefighter with mixing it up at the front of Elite cyclocross races; we turn the lens on three seminal cyclocross filmmakers; and we bring the popular CX Comic to print for the first time. Cyclocross stalwart Bart Bowen teaches us the mount/dismount, chiropractor and coach Seth Hosmer brings us a great foam roller routine to maintain our bodies all season long, and CXM Labs quantifies the braking power of different setups and launches the "Cheap Bike" project. Experience the Green Mountain Double Century in Photos, and learn how heat acclimation can make you faster - in hot or cold conditions. Reviews include the Raleigh Hodala with Gates Carbon Drive, Traitor Crusade SS and Skuut kids bike; TRP's and 324 Labs' hydraulic disc brake adapters; and wheels from Cole, Zipp and Rolf.

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