Issue 23


We're not sure how it happened, but 2013 is just about wrapped up. But before the New Year and Nationals, we're bringing you our last issueof 2013, full of in-depth interviews and of course, plenty of tech and the return of CXM Labs' testing. Issue 23 takes close look at two Euro racers with very different stories: Lars van der Haar, the young phenom from the Netherlands, and Jonathan Page, the 38-year-old US National Champion who spends most of the season in Belgium. We also look at eight up-and-coming US and Canadian ’crossers who've made a big splash this season.

For the bike geeks, we have a slew of 2014 cyclocross bikes put to the test, the latest tire reviewed, and an in-depth analysis of frame geometry and how it impacts your ride. Got little ones at home? We take a look at cyclocross bikes for kids. Plus plenty of gear tests and much, much more.  And as always, you get three times the content of most other cycling magazines. Don't miss your copy!

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