Issue 31


We’ve tracked down Matt Kelly, the US’ only CX World Champ for our feature story, after nine years of trying. It was worth the wait, and it's as close to a must-read as we'll ever claim a story we publish is.

Plus: Our photo-heavy Trippin' Out feature, a look at four events during the cyclocross season to create the most memorable cyclocross season and break up the routine.

Also: An exclusive Sanne Cant interview, training tips on riding the rough, rutted stuff, another great column from Justin Lindine, Nationals photo highlights, and more.

Reviewed: travel cases, steel bikes from Grava, Bianchi, Franco and Zen, plus the race-proven Cannondale SuperX.

New: Kids Korner - we take a look at items for the next generation: A review of the Cleary Bikes Hedgehog 16" wheel bike, Derbin! (a children's cyclocross story book), and the Kali Protectives Chakra youth helmet.

It's a packed issue, and we think it's worth the wait. Pick up your back copy today, mailed first class, or get a digital version for quicker gratification. Read it here.

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