Photo use purchase


The CXM team covered every title race during the week-long 2017 Cyclocross National Championships. As you can imagine, it's an expensive trip, and licensing photo use is one way we can offset a fraction of the costs. Most photos on our website or social media are available.

This is a self-service payment for use of a copyrighted Cyclocross Magazine photo for personal or commercial use. Personal is for an individual's own social media, blog or website, not for sponsors. Commercial is for any company, team or organization to use in social media, web, or news but not for press releases (to be published on others sties) or for ads.

Payment is for any image already used, and a non-watermarked one for future use if desired.

Email us at crosseyed [at] with the URL image you're purchasing after making a payment or if you need higher res or need it for press releases or advertisements. And stay tuned for a full viewable gallery by race that allows for self-service purchasing and downloading.